Empowering Men to Step Up
When working with and mentoring young men, any discussion or suggestion of problems “downstairs” tended to cause undue embarrassment, discomfort and generally a feeling like they would do anything to get away from the conversation. This is the sad truth for a lot of men, of allages and backgrounds. When it comes to dealing with a suspected problem with fertility, the idea of going to discuss it with a doctor can be almost overwhelming – perhaps even because they don’t want to have a confirmed diagnosis!

In the Male Preconception Checklist, Lynette has managed to put together a practical, thoughtful and insightful book for men which empowers them to take matters into their own hands. This concept of being able to address issues themselves is such a strong desire in many men that this book can be seen in a positive light, rather than an unwanted task.

From reading the book, I can actually envision the difference of attitude that would happen with mentees of mine – they would go from actively avoiding the conversation to actively stepping up
and implementing the suggestions and advice into their everyday lives. After all, isn’t that what every guy wants - to control his own destiny, to do things his way, to see a problem and then deal with it themselves.

Eoin F.
Mentor to men, 15-30.
12 Step Facilitator

"Hippocrates was right - food can be our medicine. Lynette Ellison's Nutritional Preconception checklists build upon this ancient wisdom to help modern-day couples start the family they've always dreamed of having. Lynette's guides take away all the guesswork and trial and error and show you exactly what you should (and shouldn't) do to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Yes, it will involve more than a few lifestyle changes, but if pregnancy is your end goal, the changes will be more than worth it. - K.P."

Nutrition for Fertility Treatment. Mrs C T, aged 21

Patient was incredibly shocked, after being sent to a fertility specialist (reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI)) at her request, to be told she had PCOS and would never fall pregnant. Conceived after 7 months on a nutritional program and had a lovely healthy baby girl.

Mrs C T had been trying to conceive for 18 months and had never been pregnant or miscarried. She was a senior PA secretary with a high-stress workload and many work deadlines that left her stressed and often exhausted.

Key medical history: Never been on contraceptive pill, painful ovulation, irregular cycle, shocking PMS, addicted to sugar and confessed to eating mostly refined and prepared foods.

Comprehensive health and fertility analysis revealed chronic candida overload, past food poisoning, nutrient depletion from poor diet, impaired stomach function, impaired liver detox, overworked pancreas, insulin not stable, classic PCOS hair growth on face and forearms.

Treatment focus: Eliminate pathogens (gross candida) by removing sugar and refined carbohydrates. Improved diet which included preparing and bringing her own lunch and snacks to work. Enlisting husband’s help with shopping and preparing healthy meals at home. Strengthen gut, clear candida pattern and fungal layer, and support liver function. All through the use of nutritional supplements, thus improving her general health status, and all contributing to rebalancing hormones.

Treatment involved the use of a variety of nutritional supplements. A weekly massage was recommended to help de-stress, as well as weekend physical recreation with husband to encourage bonding and laughter.

Outcome: Conceived after 7 months and gave birth to a lovely healthy baby girl.

Fiona T:

Lynette works in a very systematic and pragmatic way. She always made me feel as if I could cope easily with the changes in my diet. Looking back, I now realize the massive change I have made – it seemed to be easy with her program. Within 10 days I noticed how much more energy I had, and 3 months into my new lifestyle I was a different person. I looked and felt healthy and was receiving many compliments, which encouraged me further to stay with my new lifestyle.

T J & M J:

To her credit, Lynette explained to me right at the start that there were no guarantees. That she could not promise me a baby and that her program was not a cure for infertility. What Lynette did explain was that, if my husband and I had an optimal level of health, we were giving ourselves the very best chance of conceiving a healthy baby – even if we felt we wanted to put ourselves forward for IVF, we would be improving our chances of falling and keeping pregnant. We enthusiastically agreed to a 6-month preconception plan. And 8 months later we announced I was pregnant. No threatened IVF or anything like that. It seemed like a miracle that I had a fantastic pregnancy – all so much easier than my friends who were pregnant at the same time and as a reward to myself for sticking pretty strictly to the program, I had a relatively easy, uncomplicated birth. Our beautiful baby girl is so healthy and a very contented child. A big thank you, Lynette, from the bottom of our hearts!