Lynette Ellison

Lynette Ellison qualified as a clinical nutritionist in London some 20 years ago.  After many years working in London, her nutrition counseling practice is now based out of Wellington, New Zealand, from where she serves clients both locally and internationally.

Over thirty years ago, Lynette was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. This disease required her to use two walking sticks, then a wheelchair, followed by four titanium knee replacements! 

She has turned her own struggles with health and wellness, in combination with her professional training as a clinical nutritionist, into a positive experience by using her journey of challenges as a gift to help others improve their own health issues through nutrition to optimal health.

Today, Lynette’s clinical nutritional counseling work is focused on improving the outcomes of a broad spectrum of health conditions, but she predominantly specializes in areas such preconception fertility programs anti-aging, and rheumatoid arthritis.