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Improve your Fertility with the
correct Nutrition

______The Ultimate Professional Preconception Plan_____

Have you been trying to get pregnant and have been unable to?

Are you on the brink without hope,
wondering if having your own babies is a lost possibility?

It does not matter whether you are 25 or 45,
if you are having problems with getting pregnant, you do not want to lose this life changing opportunity.


Don’t spend thousands of dollars trying to get pregnant on
procedures which may or may not work before you have
improved your health to the best it can be.

Let me show you some simple steps to improving you and
your spouse’s fertility and your chances of getting pregnant.

Hello, I’m Lynette Ellison

A fully qualified Clinical Nutritionist trained in London with over 20 years of experience. Thirty-five years ago, I developed rheumatoid arthritis a crippling illness to say the least and as a result I didn’t have children of my own.

An extremely difficult fact to live with for me and my husband. Thankfully, it’s a battle I’ve managed to win, and I’m now living a happy and healthy life.

However, it meant that the option of having children was taken away from us, and it’s been extremely difficult to accept.

I’ve been filled with gut-wrenching emotion, always with tears, and often feeling as if my heart would break. And I have found out the broken heart never fully heals.

Over the last six years I have had all these painful emotions well up again as I see my sister in her new role as Nanna/Grandma. When her grandchildren scream her name in excitement and run to her flinging themselves into her lap, I can’t help but sob there and then for all that I feel I have lost and will never have. I don’t think anyone has noticed with the noise and excitement of the children.

I am sharing this with you, as I’m expressing the hidden pain of not having babies when the choice is not yours. The pain never goes entirely away. It comes back to haunt in waves inappropriately when one least expects it.

I know what it feels like to struggle to conceive. To face the fear that you may never become a parent. To confront the reality that parenthood isn’t a path you’ll get to travel is incredibly challenging. It’s a sense of loss and grief I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

When one of my nieces was struggling to become pregnant, I was determined that she wouldn’t suffer the way I had. Thankfully, I was in a position as a professional clinical nutritionist to offer her expert and meaningful advice and support that would truly make a difference to her life.

As a clinical nutritionist I know that diet is a major contributor to a couple’s ability to conceive.

I provided my niece and her husband with detailed information on the nutritional influences of food and supplements on fertility. By removing many of the foods that inhibit reproduction and replacing them with foods that enhance fertility, we were able to greatly improve their odds of conception.

Today, I’m pleased to say that my niece and her husband are now the proud parents of two gorgeous sons and a daughter. To be able to play a part in this joyous event has been a deeply emotional and cathartic experience for me.

Let me do the same for you!

Why I wrote this book?

The main driving force behind my writing this book is to help any one person/couple have a child. To see or hear about the joy of holding a lovely little baby in their arms is such a blessing to me.

My other important reason, with my clinical nutritionist hat on, is...

  • To spread the word that every person who desires to conceive and have a baby should be at an optimal level of health when they conceive.
  • To have the best and maximum chances of successful conception (by yourself or assisted) and to have a healthy baby and to give that child the very best start in life.

The Nutrition for Fertility book brings together everything you need to know about nutrition and what you need to eat and drink to improve your chances of conceiving naturally. It is written in plain conversational language, and fully researched with professional references. Included is a 32-page Glossary/Layman’s dictionary, so that you and yours can fully understand everything explained in the book/s.

Dealing with infertility!

It’s been estimated that around one in seven couples face difficulties in conceiving. So, if you are planning for a baby and or you’ve been trying to conceive for six months or more, it’s time to look at your diet and supplements, and identify how, by making changes to your nutrition, and sometimes your life style you can greatly increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Considering IVF or any other assisted method?

It does not give you a 100% certainty that you can have a baby.

And no doctor or consultant in the world will guarantee you 100% success with any other method. So, let’s keep everything else as the very last options that they should be.

By Landing On This Page, You Are Just A Few Steps Away from Learning what to do to have YOUR OWN Child in Your ARMS Before Spending Thousands of Dollars on Procedures That May or May Not Work.

Infertility is a word that has become so common and many consultants and their patients jump to accept it as an issue without looking for underlying or possible causes. There is nothing more natural than having children and so it makes sense that the problem you are facing is natural.

In My Experience, The Biggest Culprits Hindering Successful Pregnancy Are Poor Diet and Imbalanced Nutrition

You may feel healthy, you may look great, but are you sure you ARE healthy enough to have a baby? Most couples try to avoid answering this question, and we all know why.

Yes, it’s because we all know when we have a poor diet.

We all make unwise health decisions and choices every day, some can be ignored but some cannot, and this is where most couples go wrong. They do not pay heed to the key nutritional blunders they are making every day and yet are still just hoping for a baby!

Little do they know the power is in their hands to change this – naturally of course!

This eBook Nutrition for FertilityThe Nutritional Preconception Checklist will walk you through all the small and huge mistakes you are making every day and will guide you how to make them right – FOR GOOD.

I Have Helped Many Couples Successfully And I Know for Sure That I Can Help You as Well

Each couple is unique; with different individual needs. Having worked with dozens of young and older couples, I’ve discovered the key factors that every couple need.

Nutrition for FertilityThe Nutritional Preconception Checklist
is about all the healthy changes you need to adapt
so that you have the best chance of a complete family of your own

Most parenthood guides, courses, eBooks, even consultants, only talk about one side of the coin…. What you do wrong… rarely do they talk about what you need to do to make sure that everything is right!

Do you know why? This is because they are serious about their business. They want you to keep coming back to them again and again until either you are financially exhausted or are of no more use to them.

This is why I put together this eBook and Checklist so that instead of paying repeatedly, you get exactly what you need, and you can do everything right the first time.

Isn’t it great to realize that the power to change your situation is in your hands?

Nutrition for Fertility; The Nutritional Preconception Checklist has more than 200 referenced pages packed full of information you need to know to be healthy enough have a baby naturally.

To give you an idea of what is inside, take a look at some of the summaries of the text in the checklist.

  • Do you know that sugars and especially refined carbohydrates, can increase toxicity in your body and cause serious harm to your sperm and egg production? Wavering sugar levels in the body has direct implications on your liver which is responsible for the start of the production of all your hormones. Increased sugar intoxication can cause serious damage to your health and most of all, your ability to conceive a child.

In Nutrition for FertilityThe Nutritional Preconception Checklist I will help you with everything you need to do in order to bring your sugar consumption to an optimum level and keep it that way.

  • Do you know about the damage alcohol and caffeine does to your body? A lot! The core area they hit you the hardest is your hormonal system. As a result, your body does not produce the right hormones in the right quantity, thus affecting the nutritional balance and ultimately disrupting the production of healthy male and female reproductive cells.
  • Furthermore… how does overeating and undereating affect your body? And how does that disrupt your nutritional imbalance?
  • What are the key elements of a balanced diet, and what are their sources?
  • Everything you need to include in your diet and everything that has to be left out straight away.
  • Plus, the nutritional products that your body needs so that you walk towards healthy living, successful conception, healthy pregnancy and healthy childbirth.

This is not all; the rest of the eBook is filled with all the essential steps you are advised to take so that your body and your partner’s body becomes as healthy as possible (we call it ‘optimal health’) before you try for conception.

You Will Be Shocked by All the Silly Things You Have
Been Doing All Along – Hindering You from getting Pregnant

It’s time to make the change happen and it begins with you!

I am not talking about 1 or 2 or 5 changes you need to integrate into your meals and your life, the specially itemised summary checklist guide includes more than 35 compound major overhauls in your lifestyle, spanning over 200 pages of interesting and RESEARCHED BASED eye-popping facts that is going to change how your live and how you perceive pregnancy happens.

Most couples think of pregnancy as an instant outcome of sex that had lots of fluid exchanges… and this is very true... as long as it is in the movies!

The lifestyles we have these days, the levels of stress, the work and personal life imbalance, and especially the diet, even perfectly healthy, compatible and willing couples are not able to have a child.

For most couples, if it does not work within the first few initial months of trying, all hope seems to have vanished for them.

What they don’t realize is that “trying to conceive” is more than just sex and timing. This natural process involves much more of nature than that – so trying for a baby must include diet changes and the correct supplements to ensure all the nutrition necessary for correct hormonal balance IN BOTH PARTNERS for conception.

An average consultant charges somewhere from $150 to $350 for a single session; it does not matter whether it lasts 5 minutes or hour (rarely they will let you sit more than 60 mins!)

Good and established consultants would charge nothing less than $200 per session.

Even if you base Nutrition for Fertility - The Nutritional Preconception Checklist 0n the minimum charge, the knowledge and the facts you get in one go could be worth up to $500 - $600 without a sweat.


That’s not all, There is definitely a cherry on the top!

I am also giving away:

The Male Preconception Checklist-
Nutrition and Other Influences for Fertile Fatherhood

$150 worth of eBook – FREE!

It is another eBook I have written, specifically for men who want to be fathers.

This book explains the problems most men face when it comes to fertility issues while empowering them to address the problem and give themselves the very best chance of increasing their fertility in a natural way. Through a focus on the little-known fact that the life-cycle of a sperm is 70 days, the Male Preconception Checklist ensures a realistic and natural approach which encourages a healthy lifestyle which will have positive effects on a man’s overall health and most importantly – his fertility.

This eBook + specialized checklist specifically focuses on the diet tweaks men need to make so that they radically increase their sperm count naturally to be able to conceive a baby. Most men don’t want to talk about this topic, but give them the opportunity to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT and they will leap at the chance.

Experiencing Parenthood Is Amazing, Beyond Just Heavenly,
And I Want To Make Sure That No Couple Is Left Out Of
Having This Amazing Experience

I Have Helped Hundreds of Couples
Who Had Lost Hope Of Ever Having A Baby In Any Way And
Now I Want To Help You Have The Same Magical Experience

Why waste thousands of dollars on IVF or other procedures when you can conceive naturally? Safe Guard your ability to get pregnant with…..

The Nutritional Preconception Checklist Worth: $250

The Male Preconception Checklist Worth: $150


For A One Time Price Of $79 Only!

Buy the Nutrition for Fertility - Nutritional Preconception Checklist  NOW;
start bringing positive changes in your lifestyle multiply your chances of having a baby naturally just by taking care of your nutrition.

Your Lifelong Ambition Of A Perfect Family Is
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Nutrition for Fertility Bundle

Nutrition for Fertility Bundle
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Price: $79.00